Thursday, June 11, 2015



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Every day there are over 40,000 victims of Identity Theft.  Identity theft is now ranked the FASTEST growing crime in America. In just minutes identity theft can cause financial damage and emotional harm that can take years to recover from.  


At AFFINCON, we now offer the most comprehensive identity theft protection available today, ID Shield from Legal Shield. ID Shield will equip you with the information and expertise you need to protect yourself and your family from identity theft and resolve the resulting issues.


The ID Shield plan provides the following services for each covered member:

  • Credit Reporting
  • Monitoring
  • Complete Identity Restoration
  • Minor Coverage
  • $5,000,000 Guarantee
The cost is less than a dollar a day.  Click Here to view a short video on Identity Theft from the Federal Trade Commission.  Call us at (678)464-8602 and we can help you provide this valuable protection for your family.  Do it today.

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