Friday, August 14, 2015


With the current rise in prescription drug costs, several companies have popped up in recent years that promise to find consumers the lowest prices. The firms compare brand-name drugs with generic options and reveal the prices featured at local pharmacies.

Some commercial insurers offer their own price-comparison tools. OneRx, a mobile app launched nationally last week by New York health care analytics company Truveris, seeks to set itself apart by allowing a co-pay search based on the individual's insurer.

The app allows patients to enter their insurance information and find out what their co-pay will be for a prescription. To use OneRX, a picture is taken of the insurance card, and the information is available in a day. The information also can be entered manually.

At times, the app may reveal that a drug is more affordable without insurance because of step therapy requirements or other issues, said Bryan Birch, Truveris' chairman, president and chief executive.

The app takes into account manufacturer coupons, pharmacy discounts and other deals, independent of insurance coverage. Like competitor GoodRx, which also shows drug prices from different pharmacies, OneRx automates the process of searching for coupons so consumers don't have to ferret out savings on their own.

Ideally, patients will use the app while they're still in the doctors' office, which will boost their compliance with prescriptions, Mr. Birch said.


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